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Bayık Flat Steel Service Center

Bayık Flat Steel Service Center; high quality, product variety and fast service.

In flat rolled flat steel service center, which was produced in June 2011, hot, cold, galvanized, painted flat products are cut and sliced ​​while galvanized and painted flat products are subjected to trapeze drawing process.

In the fully equipped single and largest flat steel service center of the region, with its wide range of products, it is possible to produce trailers and trailers, automotive industry, crane manufacturing, milling machines, agricultural machines, steel door, stove manufacturing industry, heating and ventilation industry, industry, furniture manufacturing, construction and steel construction.

Bayık Yassi Steel Service Center which always adopts high quality and efficient service principle, thickness between 1.00 mm-25.00 mm, 2000 mm width and 12000 mm length in the hot-cut line, thickness between 0.40 mm and 3.00 mm in the cold cut- All cold rollers up to 1650 mm wide are cut lengths up to 6000 mm.

Hot, cold and acidified rolls are also used for slitting; Rolls with a thickness of 0.30 to 10 mm, slitting to a minimum of 14.00 mm and a maximum width of 2000 mm.

There is also a trapezoidal line with the specifications of 0,30 mm - 1,20 mm thickness, 1000 mm - 1250 mm roll width, 2,000 mm - 12,000 mm cutting dimension. Production of galvanized and painted coil products is carried out in the trapeze line.